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Wire Wizard

Elevate Welding with Wire Presence Sensor Kit

Wire Sensor Kit: Automated Welding Efficiency Unleashed

Elevate your robotic welding with our Wire Presence Sensor Kit, ensuring continuous operations without interruptions.

Tech Specs & Benefits:

  • Essential for bulk wire applications in robotic welding, the kit includes a Wire Presence Sensor and a Proximity Switch.
  • It detects when the wire drum is empty and signals a PLC to halt the welding cycle, preventing wire depletion issues.
  • This system safeguards against unnecessary burn backs at the contact tip, preserving consumables and reducing downtime.
  • Options for PNP or NPN proximity switches are available to fit your specific needs.

Transform your welding process with our sensor kit, safeguarding efficiency and protecting your investment in consumables.

Available in PNP (Positive - Negative - Positive) or NPN (Negative - Positive - - Negative)


Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Wire Presence Sensor Kit

Product Code: WWA5-E34

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