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Wire Wizard

Wire Wizard Drum Hood Streamline your Supply

Experience seamless operations with wire wizard drum hood, enhancing supplier efficiency.

Boost your operations and delight your clients with the Wire Wizard Drum Hood. This tool brings ease and efficiency to your daily tasks. Delays and down-time are now things of the past. Welcome a smooth supply process, ensuring top satisfaction for your clients.

What distinguishes the Wire Wizard Drum Hood? Notable for its robust construction and functional attributes:

  • Hood covers designed for 20.5" and 23.5" drums (520mm and 597mm drums)
  • Suitable for both round drums and octagon packs.
  • Crafted from durable polyethylene, it ensures longevity.
  • Dual windows allow for easy access and monitoring.
  • Flange tabs ensure a secure fit.
  • Offers smooth wire feeding, thanks to the Orbital Arm or Direct Pull Kit.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage, giving you peace of mind.
  • Available in hood alone or combined with the Direct Pull Kit.

The Wire Wizard Drum Hood transforms your operations and client support. Embrace a new standard of quality, efficiency, and reliability, perfectly aligned with your and your clients' objectives.

Size Options:

Product Code Size (diameter) Description 
WWOC-20.5-DP 520mm (20.5") Octagon Hood including Direct Pull Kit
WWOC-20.5 520mm (20.5") Octagon Hood Only
WWOC-23.5-DP 600mm (23.5") Octagon Hood including Direct Pull Kit
WWOC-23.5 600mm (23.5") Octagon Hood Only
WW10260F-DP 660mm (26") Round Hood including Direct Pull Kit
WW10260F 660mm (26") Round Hood Only



Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name:  Drum Hood with optional Direct Pull Kit


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