Robotic Welding

Robotic Welding is our pet subject.
We are committed to making everything about Robotic Welding as easy and reliable as possible.
We would rather take a little more time and effort in the preparation of the cell and its peripherals than need to upgrade or even re-program at some later stage when it was forced upon us.
We advocate Sumig water-cooled torches for consistent welds; Wire-Wizard for reliable wire transport and J. Thielmann torch cleaning stations.

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Torch Cleaning Stations

J. Thielmann is a family business based in Germany and has been the market leader in Robotic torch cleaning systems for many years.
We offer a full range of cleaning stations complete with optional wire cutters.
We also stock a full range of spare parts to suit current and older models, and can service units in our warehouse.

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anti-spatter products

Anti-spatter Systems

Robolin AOR75 is a Solvent-free and Silicone-free low viscosity; heat resistant anti-spatter for use in all robotic torch cleaning stations

Protec CE15S++ is an improved version of the well accepted CE15S+. Each 10 litre pail dilutes with plain water to make 50 litres of ready-to use anti-spatter to offer amazing protection from adherent spatter and minimize cleanup time. Silicone-Free, Solvent-free and Safe to use.

Ceramishield has a new name: LOCTITE SF7900 CERAMIC SHIELD. But don’t worry! It’s the same amazing stuff! Perfect for torches which can’t be protected by regular anti-spatters and cleaning systems.

Ultima-TIG Tungsten Grinders

Tungsten Grinders

Tungsten electrodes are all alloys of Heavy Metals. (Once in your body, they’re there to stay!)
Thoriated electrodes are (mildly) radio-active!
Our Inelco Safe Tungsten grinders keep you free from absorbing these potentially dangerous materials
And they grind Perfect Points every time.
We offer a full maintenance and spares service.

Wire Wizard MIG wire drum

Wire Feed Products

Wire-Wizard products are everything to do with trouble-free wire transport from bulk wire packs to

  • Robotic cells
  • Automatic welding machines
  • Semi-automatic MIG machines
  • Submerged-arc welding machines

Using regular Wire-Wizard conduits we can feed wire with low drag up to thirty metres.
Using our Pneumatic Wire Feed Assist units the possibilities are endless!