Looking to improve your metal welding and laser cutting processes? Check out our selection of welding anti spatter products and solutions, which have been proven to enhance production efficiency and stability with over 20 years of industry experience.

Our three core product lines include Anti-Spatter Fluids, Laser Cut Protection Fluids, and Wire Lubricant Solution. These solutions are designed to protect against weld spatter, sheet metal and pipe welding spatter and slag, and improve wire feed-ability and ohmic contact of the welding wire.

Our anti-spatter fluids provide a self-cleansing effect and are both safe and sustainable. The laser cut protection fluids protect against spatter and slag, while remaining clean and non-greasy. They also improve manufacturing productivity and quality of laser cut parts, with the ability to be used on stainless steel, mild steel, copper, and more.

The wire lubricant solution optimizes wire feed-ability and ohmic contact of the welding wire, making it a great addition to MIG/MAG processes. It produces a stable arc with accurate ignition and reduced welding spatter.

Experience the benefits of our anti-spatter products and solutions to optimise your welding and laser cutting processes today!

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