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Wire Wizard

Maximum Durability with Extra Heavy Flexible Conduit

Extra Heavy Flexible Conduit: Ultimate Protection for Your Wires

Elevate your welding automation with our Extra Flexible Conduit, engineered for unparalleled durability and seamless operation.

Designed for Versatility and Performance:

  • Exhibits outstanding wear characteristics and an exceptionally low friction coefficient, making it the premier choice for demanding environments.
  • Its superior flexibility is ideal for robotics, gantry, linear, and any applications necessitating a tighter radius, enhancing manoeuvrability and efficiency.
  • Equipped with a spatter-resistant outer jacket and low friction smooth-feed wire coating, it ensures consistent, trouble-free wire delivery.
  • Incorporates our patented elliptical wire spring liners for added reliability and performance, setting a new standard in conduit technology.

Transform your welding operations with our Extra Flexible Conduit, where cutting-edge design meets the pinnacle of durability and flexibility.

Inner Diameter 7.4mm

Outer Diameter 15.5mm 

Sold per meter


Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Extra Heavy Flexible Conduit

Product Code: FC-XH-m

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