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Wire Wizard

Advanced Wire Delivery with Wire Guide Modules

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Wire Guide Modules: Precision Handling for Welding Wires

Revolutionise your welding setup with the Wire Wizard® 45° Guide Module, featuring polymer rollers for smooth wire transition.

Innovative Wire Guidance for Optimal Performance:

  • Employing advanced roller technology, this system allows weld wire to effortlessly navigate bends and corners, significantly reducing friction points.
  • The elimination of friction not only prevents arc failures but also ensures consistent welding quality and facilitates extended conduit runs exceeding 100 feet.
  • Designed for versatility, each 45° module can be interconnected with others to create angles of 90°, 135°, or even 180°, accommodating various layout needs.
  • It's compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous wires up to 2mm, offering broad application coverage.
  • While the required end cap kits are sold separately, this USA-made, patent-pending system is a cost-effective solution compared to traditional friction-reducing methods.
  • Beyond improving weld consistency and reducing downtime, it extends the lifespan of conduits and consumables by minimising wear.

Model Variations to Suit Every Need:

  • Standard Guide Module: Ideal for solid wires ranging from 0.9 – 2mm.
  • 90° Mini Guide Module: Designed for solid wires up to 1.3mm, perfect for tight 90° turns.
  • Heavy Duty Guide Module HD: Tailored for cored & stainless steel wires from 0.9 – 2mm.
  • Large Guide Module XL: Specially made for large wires from 2.4 – 4mm, ideal for SAW applications.

With the Wire Wizard Guide Modules, embrace efficiency and precision in your wire dispensing, transforming welding operations.


Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Wire Guide Module

Product Code: WGM-1

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