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Wire Wizard

Effortless Welding with Wire Guide Quick Disconnect

Wire Guide Quick Disconnect: Secure & Efficient Connection

Streamline your Guide Module setup with the WGM-A5 Quick Disconnect, crafted for effortless integration and superior functionality.

Efficient and Secure Connection:

  • Designed as the standard quick disconnect fitting, the WGM-A5 seamlessly interfaces with WGM-1, WGM-1-S, and WGM-M-1 style Guide Modules, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable operation.
  • Its versatile design allows it to thread into any end cap (WGM-ECK-50), providing a robust connection point, and it can also secure Modules to the WGM-A-10BK face mount bracket for enhanced stability.
  • Featuring an insulated connection point, it significantly reduces the risk of electrical conductivity, enhancing safety during welding operations.
  • The delrin inlet guide within the WGM-A5 ensures smooth entry and guidance of welding wires, preventing any snags or resistance that might affect wire feed consistency.

Experience the ease and reliability of the WGM-A5 Quick Disconnect, where advanced design meets practical welding needs.

Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Wire Guide Quick Disconnect

Product Code: WGM-A5

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