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Wire Wizard

Enhance Your Setup with Wire Guide End Cap Kit

Secure & Streamline: The Ultimate Wire Guide End Cap Kit

Elevate your welding efficiency with the Wire Wizard® Guide Module End Cap Kit, the ultimate solution for seamless module integration.

Complete and Versatile Connection Solution:

  • The End Cap Kit provides a comprehensive set, including both end cap A & B along with necessary attachment hardware, ensuring a secure and precise fit for your Guide Modules.
  • With 1/2″ NPS-F threaded ends, these caps are designed for compatibility with connectors such as the WGM-A5 or A-10HM, offering flexibility for various setup needs.
  • These end caps are specially crafted to fit a range of Guide Module models including:
    • WGM-1: Tailored for the 45° Standard Module, enhancing wire path efficiency.
    • WGM-1-S: Designed for the 45° Module suitable for Cored & Stainless Wire, ensuring durability and smooth wire feed.
    • WGM-M-1: The 90° Mini Module fit, perfect for tight space configurations.

Unlock the full potential of your Guide Modules with our End Cap Kit, where compatibility meets craftsmanship in wire management.

Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Wire Guide End Cap Kit

Product Code: WGM-ECK-50

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