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Wire Wizard

Secure Positioning with Wire Guide Face Mount Bracket

Maximise Welding Efficiency: Face Mount Bracket for Wire Guides

Transform your welding setup with our Guide Module Face Mount Bracket, designed for unparalleled versatility and positioning.

Mounting Made Easy and Efficient:

  • Specially crafted for securing Wire Wizard® Guide Modules atop weld cell walls and various other locations, ensuring optimal wire path alignment.
  • Features 360° directional adjustment, providing the flexibility to position the Guide Module exactly as needed for your specific welding tasks.
  • Can be firmly secured using either the WGM-A5 connector or the A-10HM compression fitting, offering a sturdy and reliable setup.
  • The non-insulated brackets can be enhanced with insulation using the WGM-A5 connector for added safety and performance.

Please Note:

  • The non-insulated bracket (part number WGM-A-10BK) is provided without mounting bolts, allowing for customisation based on individual mounting requirements.

Elevate your welding efficiency with the Face Mount Bracket, where ease of installation meets complete control over guide module positioning.

Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Wire Guide Face Mount Bracket

Product Code: WGM-A-10BK

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