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Wire Wizard

Optimize Welding with Wire Guide Compression Fitting

Seamless Integration: Wire Guide Compression Fittings

Streamline your Guide Module setup with our Compression Fitting, designed for effortless connectivity and superior performance.

Tailored for the Guide Module System, this compression fitting is perfectly compatible with EC-4-R or FC-E conduit, ensuring a seamless connection. It threads effortlessly into either end cap on the WGM-1, WGM-1-S, or WGM-M-1 modules, facilitating a versatile setup. For other conduit sizes, the WGM-A5 quick disconnect offers an easy adaptation, making it a flexible solution for your welding needs.

Enhance your welding operations with the precision of our Guide Module Compression Fitting, where functionality meets adaptability.

Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Wire Guide Module Compression Fitting

Product Code: A-10HM

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