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Wire Wizard

Secure Welding with A-3 Quick Disconnect

A-3 Quick Disconnect: Enhancing Welding Connectivity

Enhance your welding operations with Wire Wizard Quick Disconnects, designed for unmatched connection security.

Superior Design & Safety:

Equipped with 8 ball bearings and a rubber o-ring, these quick disconnects ensure secure conduit connections, reducing the risk of downtime.
Unlike typical disconnects that may have only 3 ball bearings, our design guarantees a firm connection, enhancing operational reliability.

Compatible with a wide range of feeder inlet guides and adapter fittings, thanks to versatile female threaded disconnects.

For added safety, rubber insulator sleeves are available to minimize electric shock hazards.

Discover the reliability and safety of our Quick Disconnects, empowering your welding with efficiency and peace of mind.

Quick Disconnect female (brass) 1/4in (6.4mm) NPT-F Thread

Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Female Quick Disconnect

Product Code: A-3

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