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Wire Wizard

Secure Your Welding with Compression Connector Fittings

Enhance Welding Efficiency with Durable Compression Connectors


Elevate your welding setup with our Compression Conduit Fittings, crafted for a secure and precise fit in your conduit installations.

Tailored for Excellence in Conduit Assembly:

  • Featuring a versatile ferrule, these compression style fittings are meticulously designed to match the specific size of your conduit, ensuring a flawless connection.
  • Essential for installations using black Extra Flexible Conduit where fittings aren't pre-attached, these fittings provide the flexibility to cut and fit the conduit as needed.
  • Compatible with polymer conduits as well, they offer a universal solution to your conduit fitting needs.
  • Apart from the HD style, which is intended for large wire conduits, all connectors seamlessly integrate with A-4, A-5, or A-3 style quick disconnects, including those on feeder inlet guides, offering broad compatibility across your welding equipment.
  • For added convenience, replacement ferrules are readily available, ensuring your setup remains operational without interruptions.

Transform your conduit assembly with our Compression Conduit Fittings, where innovative design meets functional adaptability.


Options available:

 A-10C-X: Suitable for FC-X Flexible Conduit

A-10C-H: Suitable for EC-4 Polymer Conduit


Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Compression Connector

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