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Wire Wizard

Master Wire Feed with the Wire Draw Gauge

Wire Draw Gauge: Precision Measurement for Welding Wire

Optimise your welding process with the Wire Wizard Wire Draw Gauge, an essential tool for precise wire feed analysis.

Advanced Wire Feed Diagnostics:

  • Specifically engineered to measure the draw weight of MIG welding wire through the conduit, ensuring smooth operation and reducing feed motor strain.
  • The ability to troubleshoot wire delivery issues by accurately assessing the force exerted on the wire, promoting efficient wire feeding.
  • Features a hand-held, battery-powered design for ease of use, with a maximum pull weight capacity of 5.4 kg, accommodating various welding scenarios.
  • Enhances setup calibration by averaging 10 wire pulls, capturing and storing the highest draw, which aids in fine-tuning your welding equipment for optimal performance.
  • Offers measurements in both English and metric units at the push of a button, coupled with an easy-to-read 5-digit LCD display for clear readouts.
  • Comes encased in an ergonomic plastic housing, complete with a standard storage case for safekeeping and portability.

Experience unparalleled control and efficiency in your welding setups with the Wire Draw Gauge, where innovation meets functionality.


Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Wire Draw Gauge

Product Code: WWPT

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