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Wire Wizard

Gas Tracker optimisation Gas Flow Monitor

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Gas Tracker: Advanced Monitoring for Welding Gas Flow

Elevate your welding precision with the Gas Tracker Digital Gas Flow Monitor, a dual-purpose tool for optimal gas management.

Versatile and Accurate Gas Monitoring:

  • Designed for both robotic and semi-automatic MIG or TIG welding, the Gas Tracker™ ensures your shielding gas flow is always on point.
  • Use it as a portable unit to verify nozzle gas flow, preventing porosity and other weld quality issues, or mount it in-line for totalising and tracking gas usage.
  • Features a touchscreen interface displaying flow rates from 0 to 106 SCFH (0-50 LPM) with fine 1 SCFH resolution, adaptable to English or Metric units.
  • Pre-calibrated for various gas mixtures including Argon/CO2, Argon/Helium, Argon/O2, and others, it caters to a broad spectrum of welding applications.
  • Comes with a hose and filter assembly fitting standard nozzles, and a long-lasting rechargeable li-ion battery for up to 24 hours of operation.
  • The in-line mode allows monitoring average gas flow per weld, with data exportable via USB, enhancing record-keeping and process optimisation.
  • Accuracy is assured within +/- 3% of the full scale, complemented by a NIST traceable calibration certificate for reliability.

Software Enhancements:

  • Access time-stamped gas flow data per weld, including flow duration, rate, gas consumed, and remaining, for comprehensive analysis.
  • Features include gas editing or refilling, quick view of remaining gas, choice of Imperial or Metric units, and connectivity to multiple Gas Trackers.

Discover unmatched control and efficiency with the Gas Tracker™, where advanced monitoring meets seamless integration in your welding projects.


Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Gas Tracker Gas Flow Monitor

Product Code: WC-1-GS-S

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