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Wire Wizard

Optimize Welding with Adapter for TwinArc Feeder

Seamless Integration: Adapter for Lincoln Twinarc Feeder

Upgrade your Lincoln Electric Twinarc Feeder with our specialised inlet adapter, designed for enhanced compatibility and performance.

Seamless Integration for Optimal Functionality:

  • This adapter is tailored specifically for the Lincoln Electric Twinarc Feeder, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless operation within your welding setup.
  • It comes equipped with two standard quick disconnects (A-4), simplifying the connection process and providing a secure, reliable link for your welding wire feed.

Experience the ease and reliability of our Adapter for the Twinarc Feeder, where innovation meets practical welding needs.


Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Adaptor for TwinArc Feeder

Product Code: A-2NA-5

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