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Wire Wizard

Wire tracker transforms welding supply efficiency

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Experience seamless supply with the Wire Tracker - Digital Wire Monitor, enhancing service and satisfaction.

Boost your supply game with the Wire Tracker. An exceptional tool for welding professionals. This device changes the way you handle and deliver welding materials.

Say goodbye to guessing and waste. The Wire Tracker makes sure your customers get what they need, boosting their happiness and trust in you.

Benefits of the Wire Wizard Wire Tracker:

  • It accurately tracks wire usage, ensuring precise supply management and billing.
  • Use it non-stop or take it where you need, for any setup.
  • It gathers lots of data, like wire speed and use, helping you manage stock better.

Additional wire tracking and monitoring features:

  • Keeps track of wire use, helping you know how much wire each weld uses and how long a wire pack lasts.
  • Set it up for ongoing checks or carry it to measure wire speed and use. It has a rechargeable battery.
  • Comes with a sensor to keep an eye on wire speed and usage.
  • An extra option, the Motor Current Sensor, watches the wire feeder's effort. It can spot and alert you to feeding problems.
  • Watches remaining wire and tells you when it's running low.
  • You can use the data it gathers to see how long wire feeding takes, aiding in assessing your welding work's efficiency.
  • Logs each weld's details: date, wire feed duration, average wire speed, and total wire used. You can download this info through a USB to a computer.
  • Connects to a PLC for automatic alerts.
  • Compatible with multiple welding methods including MIG, SAW, Laser Welding. Also including both hot and cold wire GTAW, and wire-based additive manufacturing. Suitable for all wire types, whether iron-based or not.

Step up with this tool that elevates your services and tracks wire smoothly. Feel good about using less waste, making the most of resources, and building stronger connections. The Wire Tracker isn't just about supplying; it takes your whole supply chain up a notch in trust and quality.

Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Wire Tracker Digital Wire Monitor

Product Code: WC-1-WS-S

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