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Wire Wizard

Enhance Welding with Conduit Strain Relief Connectors

Robust Protection: Conduit Strain Relief Connectors for Welding

Elevate the durability of your welding setup with our Steel Strain Relief Connectors, tailored for maximum protection and flexibility.

Optimal Support for High-Demand Applications:

  • Specially designed for both Polymer and Extra Flexible Conduit, these connectors provide essential strain relief, safeguarding against wear and tear in rigorous welding environments.
  • Highly recommended for robotic welding applications and scenarios where conduits experience significant bending or flexing, ensuring continuous, reliable operation.
  • Each connector, measuring 267mm in length, is built to offer enduring support and adaptability, accommodating the dynamic needs of your welding projects.

Discover the resilience and reliability of our Conduit Strain Relief Connectors, where innovative design meets practical welding demands.


Available options:

 A-10C-H-SR: Compatible with EC-4R Polymer Conduit

A-10C-X-SR: Compatible with FC-X Flexible Conduit

A_10R-SR: Compatible with FC-XH Flexible Conduit


Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Strain Relief Connector

Product Code: A-10C-X-SR

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