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Wire Wizard

Optimise Welding with the Bulkhead Connector Kit

Bulkhead Connector Kit: Seamless Welding Transitions

Enhance your welding setup with Wire Wizard®Bulkhead Connector Kits, offering a seamless transition of wire delivery systems.

Bridge Your Welding Operations:

  • These connector kits are innovatively designed to link the wire delivery system from external points directly into the weld cell, ensuring uninterrupted wire flow.
  • Whether mounting over the top of a wall or through it with a cage mount kit, these connectors provide the flexibility needed for diverse welding environments.
  • Included in the kits are two A-4 quick disconnect fittings, facilitating easy and secure connections of conduit for a streamlined wire feed.

Transform your welding efficiency with Bulkhead Connector Kits, where convenience meets advanced wire management solutions

Bulk head connector kit includes A-14, A-14B, 2 Qty A-4

Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Bulkhead Connector Kit

Product Code: A-14BK

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