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Wire Wizard

Enhance Connections with A-4 Male Quick Disconnect

A-4 Male Quick Disconnect: Secure & Efficient Welding

Boost your welding workflow with Wire Wizard Quick Disconnects, designed for optimal connection stability.

Superior Design for Reliability:

  • Outfitted with 8 ball bearings and a rubber o-ring, these disconnects ensure secure connections, minimizing potential downtime.
  • Unlike others with only 3 ball bearings, our design provides a tighter fit for consistent performance.
  • Available in steel or brass for male threaded 1/4″ NPT-M disconnects, catering to different welding needs. Brass is ideal for aluminum and non-ferrous wires to avoid contamination.
  • For enhanced safety, rubber insulator sleeves can be added to mitigate electric shock risks.

Elevate your welding projects with our Quick Disconnects, where safety meets efficiency in every connection."

Quick Disconnect female (brass) 1/4in (6.4mm) NPT-M Thread


Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: A-4 Male Quick Disconnect

Product Code: A-4

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