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Wire Wizard

Welding with Lincoln Servo Inlet Guide Kits

Lincoln Servo Inlet Kits: Precision for Every Weld

Transform your welding with our Inlet Guide Kits for Lincoln Servo, tailored for aluminum and steel mastery.

Precision-Engineered for Excellence:

  • Compatible with Lincoln Electric Servo Torch, enhancing your welding precision.
  • Choose your fit: available with or without quick disconnect.
  • Select from 27mm or 21mm probe lengths for optimal performance.
  • Kit includes A-4L-H polymer connector liner, customisable to your needs.

Step into a new era of welding efficiency and versatility, backed by our innovative inlet guide technology.

Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Inlet Guide Kits for Lincoln Servo

Product Code: A-2LN-AK

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