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Wire Wizard

Maximise Efficiency with Retractable Cable Balancers

Retractable Cable Balancers: Streamline Your Workspace

Retract your workspace with WizardGear Conduit and Cable Balancers, designed for superior protection and organisation.

Efficient Workspace Management:

  • Our balancers offer a convenient solution for suspending conduit and cables above areas vulnerable to damage, ensuring their longevity and functionality.
  • Ideal for dynamic environments like robotic welding stations or submerged arc applications with manipulators, they adapt seamlessly to your operational needs.
  • Each model comes equipped with adjustable tension to accommodate varying workloads, providing tailored support for items up to 12.2 kg.
  • Featuring a robust 2.4m braided steel cable, these balancers are built for heavy-duty use, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

Elevate your operational efficiency with our Conduit and Cable Balancers, where streamlined organisation meets durable design.


Available Load Models:

  • Balancer for 1 - 2kg
  • Balancer for 2 - 6kg
  • Balancer for 5 - 8kg
  • Balancer with shock stop for 10 - 12kg

Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Retractable Cable Balancer

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