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Welding Automation

Flux core MIG wire: 1.2mm - Welding Supply

Experience unmatched efficiency with flux core MIG wire in your product line.

Discover the revolutionary power of our flux core MIG wire. Designed to elevate your business and address the unique needs of welding suppliers like you. Picture providing a product that not only meets your clients' needs but also makes you stand out in the welding supply industry. Our wire makes welding easier and keeps customers happy by avoiding supply issues and providing reliable service and quality.

Flux cored wire 1.2mm Benefits:

  • Enhances efficiency with easy-to-use functionality
  • Reduces downtime with consistent, high-quality welds
  • Offers flexibility for a range of welding applications, from outdoor repairs to robust construction projects

Technical Features:

  • Self-shielded, flux-cored design for optimal protection against contaminants
  • High chromium carbide content for exceptional wear resistance
  • Suitable for use in severe abrasion environments and high-temperature applications
  • Unique stress-relief cracking pattern, offering added durability and longevity
  • Available in sizes such as 1.2mm flux cored wire and flux cored welding wire 1.2mm, ensuring precise application

Embrace the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes with supplying a top-tier product like our flux core MIG wire. Witness the positive impact on your business as you provide solutions that welders trust and rely on. Achieving excellence, delighting customers, and building your reputation are achievable. More than just a product, it's a partnership for success that matches your goals and those of your welding suppliers.

Typical composition of all-weld metal:

 Element Composition %
Carbon (C) 4.0 - 4.50
Silicon (Si) 0.60 - 0.80
Manganese (Mn) 1.00 - 1.20
Chromium (Cr) 22.0 - 24.0

Typical mechanical properties of all-weld metal:

Layer Hardness
59 HRc
2 60 HRc
3 62 HRc

Welding Parameters

Diameter (mm) Type of Power Stick-out(mm) Volts Current
1.2 - 1.6
DC+ 20-30 22 -27 150 - 300

Spool weight: 15kg

Flux Core MIG wire also available in 1.6mm option.

Brand: Gemini

Product Name: H61-O Core Wire

Product Code: G-H61-O 1.2-15

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