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Wire Wizard

Enhance Welding with Miller 75 Inlet Guide Feeder

Miller 75 Inlet Guide: Precision Feeding for Welders

Elevate your welding projects with PAWFS-12 Inlet Guides, ensuring seamless connections every time.

Optimal Compatibility and Performance:

  • Choose PAWFS-12 for steel wire applications, guaranteeing a trouble-free interface.
  • For non-ferrous/aluminum wire, opt for PAWFS-12-1, which includes a 3/16″ I.D. and the A-4L-H liner.
  • Effortlessly connects to 1/4″ NPT Male threaded setups, including A-3 quick disconnect (1/4 NPT-F) or A-16F-4 fitting (1/4 NPT-M / EC-4-R conduit fitting).

Unlock unparalleled precision and efficiency in your welding endeavors with our tailored inlet guides.

Brand: Wire Wizard

Product Name: Miller 75 Inlet Guide Feeder

Product Code: PAWFS-12

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