Enhance your catalogue with the Inelco Ultima TIG Tungsten Sharpener, unlocking unmatched efficiency and satisfaction for your clients.

With the tungsten sharpener from Inelco Grinders, you can make your welding tools better and stand out. This sharpener helps people see how special and new your welding work can be, it's not just about having more tools.

Adding the Inelco Ultima TIG Tungsten Sharpener to your tools will improve your business. You will be able to offer more great things. This also makes people trust your brand more and think of it as high-quality.

You do more than just sell things, you help people work smarter and do better in their projects. Showing that you value about helping them and your clients know you want to make their work easier. By offering more than just products, you help your clients be successful.


Ultima-TIG Benefits:

  • It sharpens tungsten extremely well, which makes welding better.
  • It grinds less tungsten, which is good for the earth.
  • It keeps grinding safe by catching all the bad dust.
  • It uses water and a super-fast diamond disc to make the tungsten smooth.
  • It grinds fast without making the electrode too hot or breaking it.


  • Patented grinding technology: Always makes the sharpest point.
  • Adjustable grinding angle: You can change it from 15° to 180°, based on what you need.
  • Dust collection system: It catches dust to keep the air clean.
  • Eco-friendly design: It's better for the planet because it uses less tungsten.
  • Durable construction: It's strong and lasts a long time, even when used a lot.
  • Compact and easy to handle: Simple to use anywhere, which makes your work easier.

The Ultima-TIG Tungsten grinder is popular with people who supply welding tools because it's good quality.

Using the Ultima TIG Tungsten Sharpener shows you value good quality and new ideas. Feel proud when your clients say great things about your precise and efficient work. You help them succeed a lot.

This grinder is also a way to make strong friendships with your clients and make your business a trusted partner in welding. With this grinder, you're not just selling a tool, you're offering peace of mind, reliability, and good quality work.

Inelco Grinders' Ultima TIG Technical Details:

The Ultima-TIG Tungsten Sharpener has some great features. This is friendly to the environment and safe, using a special container to keep harmful dust away. It grinds tungsten precisely and keeps it cool, which makes sure it always works the same way, reduces waste, and saves time.

This is easy to set up, adjust, and grind quickly, so it pays for itself fast. This sharpener enables suppliers to enhance their craftsmanship and elevate the quality of their service. This makes their relationships with clients stronger and boosts their spot in the market.

Ultima-TIG Grinder facts:

  • Can grind tungsten electrodes from: Ø0.8 - 4 mm
  • Minimum size: Standard 15 mm (can go down to 8 mm with special clamps)
  • Angles: Grinding angle from 7.5° to 90° (tip angle of 15° to 180°)

Technical specifications Motor:

  • Motor Watts: 280W
  • Inelco Motor Speed: 6000 rpm
  • Inelco Grinding Speed: 31 m/sec

Standard package includes:

  • Ultima TIG Grinder
  • Mounting table
  • Diamond grinding wheel disc
  • Cooling grinding fluid
  • Holder for Electrode
  • Clamps for Electrodes of Ø1.6, 2.4, and 3.2 mm


  • Different sizes of electrode clamps: for diameters from Ø 0.8 to 4.0 mm
  • Special clamps: for grinding down to 8 mm
  • AutoGrind attachment: Automatically grinds, saving time
  • Truncator attachment: Makes the tip of the tungsten blunt

Need to grind larger tungsten electrodes? The Ultima-TIG-S can handle up to a diameter of 8 mm.

Brand: Inelco Grinders

Product Name: Ultima TIG - Tungsten Sharpener

Product Code: 88897022