Experience enhanced precision with TIG Tungsten Sharpener and Inelco Neutrix Grinder for Welding Suppliers

Discover how the Inelco Neutrix Portable Tungsten Grinder transforms the daily grind for welding suppliers. Think of a solution that fixes supply chain problems and improves service quality at the same time.

Designed to meet your needs, this grinder offers ease and reliability. The Neutrix grinder is a great tool for sharpening TIG tungsten, with advanced engineering. The machine has a dust filter and collector to keep the workspace clean.

Included is a robust diamond disc for enhanced durability. Additionally, it can grind short electrodes to minimise waste. The small size, strong motor, adjustable angles, and speed control make it essential for precise and efficient grinding tasks.

Envision the sense of accomplishment and relief as you deliver unmatched quality and reliability to your clients. The Neutrix grinder boosts your portfolio and strengthens your reputation as a provider of innovative, reliable solutions. Welcome the future where each weld shows quality and each transaction builds lasting partnerships.


Neutrix Benefits:

  • Features a dust-proof grinding compartment with an integrated collector for user safety.
  • Offers adjustable angle settings for enhanced grinding flexibility.
  • Includes a viewing window for monitoring the grinding process in real-time.
  • Designed with an electrode clamp that centers the tip precisely, minimising material waste.
  • Equipped with a three-position diamond disc for maximum disc life and efficiency.
  • Boasts a robust motor with variable speed control for tailored grinding performance.
  • Capable of grinding tungsten electrodes ranging from Ø0.8 to 4 mm
  • Achieve a minimum 19mm grinding length. (with the capability to reach 15 mm using special electrode clamps).
  • Achieve grinding angles ranging from 15° to 180°.


Motor Technical Specs:

  • Motor Watts: 850W
  • Variable controllable Speed: 8,000 – 22,000 rpm
  • Grinding Speed: 28 - 50 m/sec.

Neutrix Tungsten Grinder highlights:

Portable and secure, this device comes with a convenient carrying case, ensuring effortless transportation. Additionally, it features a built-in dust filter, safeguarding against harmful dust particles during disposal, emphasising user safety.

As for its ease of use, simply insert the electrode into the holder and secure it firmly.

Simplicity in use: First set the angle on the scale, place the holder in the grinder. Insert the electrode holder into the grinder and turn the holder until the grinding is complete.


Standard package includes:

  • Complete Neutrix TIG tungsten sharpener in hard plastic carry case
  • 40mm diamond disc
  • dust filter with dust collector
  • Electrode clamp holder
  • Clamps for tungsten electrodes of Ø1.6, 2.4, and 3.2 mm

Brand: Inelco Grinders

Product Name: Neutrix TIG Tungsten Sharpener

Product Code: 88896022