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Product benefits:

  • Exceptional arc starting stability for precision tasks
  • Reduced electrode wear for longer-lasting performance
  • Enhanced electron emission, enabling lower voltage requirements


  • 2% thoriated for optimal balance between ease of use and longevity
  • Alloyed element with Thorium oxide, the most commonly used electrodes today
  • Ideal for critical applications and to improve arc starting control
  • Compatible with DC electrode negative welding, versatile for various jobs
  • Possible to use for AC welding, but they excel for electrode negative or straight polarity
  • Manufactured under stringent quality controls, ensuring consistency and reliability
  • All thicknesses available: (1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm and 6.4mm)
  • Custom thicknesses available upon request
  • Length: 175mm
  • Pack of 10 providing longevity and ease

Offer our TIG welding electrodes under your brand to elevate your product offering. Build solid, long-term relationships with your clients based on brand recognition and trusted, quality products every time.

So, what makes our tungsten worth considering for your needs?

Thoriated tungsten is a top pick for experts, especially with those tricky metals that need a skilled touch. This electrode is special because it's precision, giving you the control you need for detailed DC welding jobs​.

Remembering safety always comes first. With the right safety measures, especially during electrode grinding, the risk is minimal, with the benefits being? Unmatched performance that could make all the difference in your work​

Be mindful when handling thoriated tungsten because of their slight radioactivity. The time to be most mindful is when you're grinding the electrode to get it ready. Taking the right precautions can help lower any health risks.

But here's where our tungsten shines. Not just preferred for their longevity, our electrodes are suitable on a variety of metals.

From steel, stainless steels nickel and even the tricky titanium, making it a key tool for all sorts of welding jobs​.

Always use the appropriate respiratory protection. Thorium, the material in this tungsten, is a bit radioactive. So, checking out the safety tips in the material safety data sheet is a smart move.

Now, about those high-spec projects in aerospace or nuclear power generation where there's zero room for error. Our tungsten TIG welding electrodes are the only qualified contender.

Not just an option, our thoriated tungsten is the only choice if you're aiming for welding excellence in these critical fields. The quality of the arc starting and the durability of the weld is second to none. Two areas where our tungsten electrodes outperform the rest​

In summary, opting for our TIG welding electrodes is a smart move for any serious welding supplier. The blend of precision, versatility, and reliability sets it apart. Making it an indispensable tool in your welding supply arsenal.

Whether you're crafting a custom piece or working on a critical component for an aerospace project. Our tungsten has got your back, ensuring your welds are not just strong, but also up to the mark every single time.

Product Name: Snap-Safe Splinterless Thoriated Tungsten

  • Three 10 packs of thoriated tungsten electrodes
  • Snap-Safe thoriated tig tungsten electrodes
  • Example custom welding supplier branded thoriated tungsten

Thoriated tungsten plays a crucial role in TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding, earning wide recognition for its effectiveness. Known for its precision and control, particularly when dealing with metals that require a high degree of workmanship. This kind of tungsten electrode, mixed with thorium, is popular because it's great at starting and keeping a steady arc. All the elements you need to make top-notch welds.

Our TIG welding Electrodes are like a go-to tool for welders to stick metals together. Imagine welding as using a super-hot glue that melts metals so they stick to each other. This tungsten electrode is like a magic wand for welders, especially when they are working with a tough metal like stainless steel.

You might be curious about what makes it particularly notable? The powerful tungsten electrode with just the correct amount of thorium added. This bit of thorium boosts its capabilities, making it ideal for the job at hand. This addition is what separates this tungsten from the rest.

Choose our specially formulated electrode with tungsten and 1.70 to 2.20% thorium for improved performance and longer electrode life. This special mix makes starting the weld pool smooth. Keeps the flame consistent, ensuring a clean carrying capacity weld without mess.

People often choose stainless steel for it stays rust-free properties and ability to keep its shine for a long time. But welding stainless steel needs a careful touch, and that's where our product shines. It makes jobs neat and precise, so items made of stainless steel, like kitchen sinks or medical equipment, look good and stay strong.

This tungsten is not just for stainless steel. It also does a great job on other metals like steel, nickel, and even titanium, which you find in bikes and airplanes. Thus, it demonstrates how versatile it is.

However, it's important to remember that thorium does have radioactive properties​. This product feature tungsten and 1.70 to 2.20 thorium content, ensuring high-quality and consistent results in your welding processes. Not something to be to dramatic about, but welders need to be cautious. People are searching for alternatives that work just as well but aren't radioactive, to keep welders safe.

Essentially, this product is a standout electrode, making challenging jobs like welding stainless steel a lot easier. For welding suppliers, the choice to stock our custom branded thoriated tungsten is clear.

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