Give your business a boost with ceriated tungsten electrodes, the choice for quality-driven suppliers

Grab the chance to set your business apart and enhance your stature with premium, ceriated tungsten electrodes branded for your business – secure your exclusive supplier status now!

Empower your business with ceriated tungsten electrodes, ensuring you stay ahead in the fast-paced welding industry. By choosing this high-quality product, you position your company as a trusted leader, providing top-tier supplies that welding professionals rely on.

Benefits of Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes:

  • Offers superior arc stability for critical welding applications.
  • Reduced burn-off rate enhances longevity and reduces replacement costs.
  • Ideal for both AC and DC welding, providing versatility in your product offerings.
  • Minimal electrode contamination ensures clean, high-quality welds every time.

Technical Features:

  • 2% ceriated for reliable performance in various welding tasks.
  • Non-radioactive, offering a safer alternative for welders and the environment.
  • Diameter range accommodating diverse welding needs.
  • Full size range available: (1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm and 6.4mm)
  • Ceriated tungsten length: 175mm
  • Pack of 10

Embracing ceriated tungsten as part of your inventory not only alleviates the stress of finding dependable, high-performance welding supplies but also elevates your reputation, fostering a sense of achievement and satisfaction as you meet and exceed the demands of the welding community.

Product Name: Snap-Safe Splinterless Ceriated Tungsten

  • Three 10 packs of Ceriated tungsten electrodes
  • Snap-Safe Ceriated tig tungsten electrodes
  • Example custom welding supplier branded ceriated tungsten

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