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Streamline Your Operations with the Wire Straightener

Empower Your Welding Supply Operations with the Wire Straightener

Introducing the Wire Straightener – a game-changer for welding suppliers looking to upgrade their product range.

This innovative tool alleviates the frustrations and challenges that welding suppliers face.

Our welding wire straightener empowers welding suppliers to streamline their workflow and maximize productivity. Say goodbye to manual wire straightening and hello to seamless operations. With this tool, you can minimize downtime and meet tight deadlines with ease.

Benefits of a straighten wire:

  • Precision straightening mechanism ensures consistently straight wires, reducing rework and material wastage.
  • Adjustable settings accommodate various wire diameters, offering flexibility and retro-fitting with existing equipment.
  • Robust construction and durable materials guarantee long-term reliability, minimizing maintenance costs.

Technical Elements:

  • Aluminum casted body wire straighter.
  • designed for straightening of all kinds of wires up to diameter 4 mm. 
  • bearings remove bends, irregularities and any cast memory from the manufacture and coiling process.

For optimal results it is recommended to couple two wire straighteners at 90 degrees to remove all cast and helix from the welding wire.

Imagine the satisfaction of delivering flawless welds to your clients. Knowing that every welding wire is perfectly straight. You'll experience a newfound sense of pride and confidence in your work.

Available in two options:

3 Roll WS-3

5 Roll WS-5

Product Code: C-WS5

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