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P-W001.003 Wire Balm WLS04 Fluid 250ml

Wire Balm WLS04 Fluid 250ml Bottle

Contact lubricant for MIG/MAG welding wire balm

  • Wire-Balm PROTEC WLS04 is a contact lubricant for wire electrodes used in MIG/MAG welding, MIG brazing and laser brazing processes
  • WLS04 ensures a perfectly clean wire with perfect feeding characteristics
  • For stable arcs with optimum ignition and reduced spatter output
  • Easier to start moving, for this reason, it prevents ignition faults and burn-backs
  • Prevents micro arcs in the contact tip
  • Increased productivity, significant reduction of downtime


The agent is applied using wire PADs and wire CLIPs:

  • Two wire PADs each are positioned one after the other: one drenched in Wire-Balm PROTEC WLS04 and then one dry PAD (tandem process)
  • For this purpose, evenly drench one wire PAD with WLS04 — a small quantity is used, the PAD must not drip, even when squeezed firmly.
  • Fold both PADs and position on the welding wire using wire CLIPs (upstream of the wire input)
  • During on-going operation: check both PADs once per shift and re-position (turn further, re-fold or turn around);
    Reapply agent to the drenched WLS04 PAD once every shift (1-2 ml)

IMPORTANT: Start first use with a new liner.

Not suitable for aluminium wire.

Product Code: P-W001.003

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