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J Thielmann

Robolin Robotic MIG Torch Anti Spatter

Robolin Robotic MIG Torch Anti Spatter

Robolin AOS-75R Anti-Spatter 10 Litre

Introducing the Robolin AOS-75R Anti-Spatter, the ultimate solution for your robotic MIG torch anti-spatter needs. Our 10-litre bottle of anti-spatter fluid is specifically designed to improve the lifespan of your robotic mig torch, tip, and nozzle, making it the perfect choice for those who demand high-quality, long-lasting performance from their robotic torch anti-spatter solutions.

Unlike other anti-spatter fluids, our formula is oil-based and does not contain silicone, which means it will not corrode or clog your cleaning station anti-spatter systems. This makes the Robolin AOS-75R Anti-Spatter the most economical choice for your robotic mig torch anti-spatter needs.

Manufactured in Germany, you can trust that the Robolin AOS-75R Anti-Spatter is made to the highest standards of quality and reliability.   In fact, it is the only manufacturer recommended anti-spatter fluid for J.Thielmann Torch Cleaning Stations.  Don't settle for less - choose the Robolin AOS-75R Anti-Spatter for the best robotic torch anti-spatter performance possible.

Product Code: 411.8001

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